A little info about cruising...

We arrange to depart as a group from a designated location.  Our cruises usually
include something fun to do: a leisurely picnic or cookout, a visit to a state park or
tourist attraction, restaurant, etc.  This is meant to be
fun and casual, so don’t
feel pressure to participate in an event or tour -- you are welcome to come along just
for the drive and if you prefer to do something else once we get there, that's fine!

Some members have taken advantage of the cruise itinerary to stop and visit family
and friends, or decide to go shopping or do sight-seeing on their own. You can always
go your own way....

It's Easy and Fun!
All you need to do is drop us a message (CLICK HERE). We'll be cruising often, so just
choose the cruise you want to participate in, and show up! That's it! Sometimes an
RSVP (or a quick email to the club) is requested, especially when reservations need to
be made in advance. But oftentimes, you can simply "show up" at the departure
time/place. We try to leave promptly when we say we will, so if you can't be on time,
it helps to know you're coming, so we know to wait for you...

Need More Info? CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US  or CALL 812-345-9773

We will answer your questions promptly.
of Southern Indiana